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AS EVENTS UNFOLD IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM A.D., many of us can’t help but wonder what the future holds for us and our planet. Are we on the threshold of a brave New World Order, with peace and plenty for all? Or are we tottering on the brink of unprecedented chaos and disaster?—Or both?
This site provides answers that will prepare you for what’s ahead.

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Trend Alert: Revolutionary Fervor to Spread Beyond Arab States – Europe Next By Gerald Celente

06/02/2011 03:07 | Category: Economic Depression | Comments : 5 | Views: 13876

When the Tunisian government toppled, the mass media and their stable of experts – who were blindsided by these events – quickly stepped in to proclaim the obvious: that citizens of other Arab nations would be emboldened to challenge autocratic and corrupt governments. [More...]

Authoritarian governments start stockpiling food to fight public anger

03/02/2011 07:59 | Category: Economic Depression | Views: 9395

Authoritarian governments across the world are aggressively stockpiling food as a buffer against soaring food costs which they fear may stoke popular discontent. [More...]

Polish government calls for country to become a cashless society within 3 years

31/01/2011 11:03 | Category: Cashless Society - Toward the Mark | Comments : 3 | Views: 10620

The Polish government has drawn up plans for the country to become a predominantly cashless society within three years, it has been revealed. [More...]

Get Out of Your Dollar Assets Now!

27/01/2011 11:38 | Category: Economic Depression | Comments : 1 | Views: 9324

With gold and silver near recent lows and the US Dollar having broken key support at 78.50, the Godfather of newsletter writers Richard Russell had this warning for his subscribers, “Remember, many leading nations want to eliminate the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. If this happens, it will be one of the worst financial catastrophes in US history.” [More...]

Most nations to recognise Palestinian State in 2011

24/01/2011 12:37 | Category: Third Jewish Temple and Israel | Views: 8396

Most of the world’s nations will announce recognition of a Palestinian state by September 2011, Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Malki said on Sunday. [More...]

Microsoft Bets on the Ruble

24/01/2011 04:46 | Category: Economic Depression | Views: 8228

Microsoft Russia demonstrated its confidence in the ruble on Tuesday when it announced that it will begin conducting business in the currency with local partners starting March 1. [More...]

12 Economic Collapse Scenarios That We Could Potentially See In 2011

23/01/2011 13:31 | Category: Economic Depression | Comments : 7 | Views: 10879

What could cause an economic collapse in 2011? Well, unfortunately there are quite a few “nightmare scenarios” that could plunge the entire globe into another massive financial crisis. [More...]

The Application that can Read Your Mind

21/01/2011 12:21 | Category: Science & Technology | Views: 7355

It’s a device that would be more at home on the set of a Star Wars movie than the streets of Britain. But an iPhone application has been developed that can read minds. [More...]

Jewish conference calls for “building Third Temple on ruins of Al-Aqsa Mosque”

19/01/2011 13:07 | Category: Third Jewish Temple and Israel | Views: 8519

A conference of ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jews in West Jerusalem has called for the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the building of the “third temple” on its ruins. [More...]